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High-level Perspective

The architecture of this project is strategically organized into three core layers, each fulfilling a unique yet interconnected role within the overall ecosystem. These layers are the Multi-Blockchain Interface (MBI), the Orchestration & Multi-Blockchain Compute Layer (OMBCL), and the Blockchain & Protocol Infrastructure (BPI).

Multi-Blockchain Interface

This layer serves as the comprehensive gateway for both north/south and east/west traffic, facilitating programmatic interactions with multiple blockchain networks and specialized protocols, including Ethereum, Bitcoin, and services like Rocketpool and Chainlink. It exposes a well-defined set of APIs for external queries and transactions, while also managing internal communications between various components and services.

Orchestration & Multi-Blockchain Compute Layer

This layer functions as the operational core of the project, responsible for managing blockchain nodes, data storage, computational resources, and observability across various blockchain networks and specialized services. Utilizing Kubernetes for container orchestration, it ensures scalability, high availability, and efficient resource utilization. Observability features such as logging, monitoring, and tracing are integrated to provide insights into system health and performance. Designed for modularity and automated bootstrapping, this layer facilitates the seamless integration or removal of physical compute and storage resources.

Blockchain & Protocol Infrastructure

This layer consists of nodes that participate in established, global blockchain networks like Ethereum and Bitcoin. Additionally, it hosts higher-level services such as Rocketpool for decentralized staking on Ethereum and Chainlink's decentralized oracle services on the Ethereum network. While these nodes contribute to the decentralized nature of their respective networks, they operate as part of broader ecosystems. The architecture here is designed for high availability and modularity, featuring built-in failover and load-balancing mechanisms.

High Level Architecture Diagram

Macro Architecture

Architecture Layers Diagram

Architecture Layers